Listen to media announcements to be aware of expected weather conditions and proclamation of days of heavy rainfall.

Follow the following procedures if caught in a flood:

  • Remain in the building (if it is safe and secure) and keep clear of building access points.
  • Be aware of the danger of ceiling collapse if roof spaces become flooded.
  • If camping or participating in an activity in a bush area, contact the local SES authority and your line management staff member. Alert them to the intended program and provide them with information about the size of the group and duration of the program.
  • Follow the instructions of relevant emergency services personnel at the venue.
  • Evacuate the building only if instructed to do so by emergency services personnel and assist with the evacuation of those with a disability.
  • If evacuation is ordered, move to the nominated evacuation assembly area, and do not leave the evacuation assembly area until advised to do so.