The Leader’s Responsibilities

The basic roles and responsibilities of a leader are divided into three broad areas- before, during and after the program.

Before the Program

  • Attend the training program provided by the organization you are volunteering with. The program is usually of at least one day or two evenings in duration.
  • To be aware of and support the aims, policies and philosophies of the organization’s sport or active recreation program. These will be outlined in the initial training session, but to fully understand the principles, particularly as they relate to people with disabilities, a leader may need to do some further work. The following is a great resource for additional
  • To be reliable and realistic in their commitment in being a volunteer leader. Once a program has been arranged, it is important that the volunteer leader communicate with the Program Manager about any problems in attending a program not less than one week before the program. Once the program has been organized the program can be adversely affected and an individual participant disadvantaged if a volunteer is not reliable in notification and in meeting the agreed commitments.
  • To be reliable in obtaining information about the details of the program and other organizational details.

During the Program

  • To be responsible for the supervision of participants.
  • To encourage and promote the independence of the participants, and their full participation in all activities to their maximum ability.
  • To understand the participants’ and fellow leaders’ need for confidentiality, privacy and respect.
  • To participate in meetings with the Coordinator and leaders and to contribute ideas and to give feedback that will enhance the facilitation of the program. This includes providing input to the positive and negative aspects of the program activities, planning of activities and meals, and helping provide strategies for increasing the participation of individuals.
  • To participate as a team member in completing tasks such as cooking, cleaning, washing and assisting with individual’s needs in the areas of showering, dressing and other tasks as required.
  • To be aware of program rules, regulations and emergency procedures.
  • To be familiar with and implement the Incident/ Accident procedures when required.
  • To be responsible for reporting all relevant information regarding activities, participant’s health and behaviour and any other concerns to the Coordinator.
  • To assist in the organization of program equipment and resources and help with the packing and unpacking of buses and other forms of transport.

After the Program

  • To complete an evaluation of the program.
  • To ensure that individual participant’s personal belongings are returned to parents/ caregivers.
  • To return any information or forms and complete any requirements as requested by the organization.