Programming Options

Through participation in sport and active recreational activities, people with a disability can be assisted in the development of a sense of self-worth, self-esteem and pride in accomplishment and overcome loneliness and isolation. They are able to develop a sense of belonging to the community and are linked to a range of cultural and social experiences common to all members of the community.

The promotion and development of community based sport and active recreation opportunities encourages members of a community to participate in experiences that enable them to become part of the group and to develop new skills and abilities. This is important in the development of a sense of community and overcomes isolation through the linking of people with common interests. Sport and active recreation activities provide opportunities for enrichment and enjoyment through participation and exposure to new experiences and challenges. They provide for growth and development of basic skills for safe self-management in a sport and active recreation environment. Sport and active recreation activities provide the motivation for people with disabilities to ‘have a go’ and explore their ‘ability’.

In recent years, attitudes have changed and people with disabilities are encouraged to participate more fully in community activities and to take advantage of the resources available. Facilities have been upgraded to accommodate the specific needs of people with disabilities, providing for greater mobility and easier access to resources and programs.