Volunteers should know what first aid resources are available at the program. The coordinator will have arranged for a well-stocked first aid kit to be present. Know where it is and what is available. Each program will have someone trained in first aid procedures. Know who this person is and refer to them when necessary.

When rendering first aid yourself you are required to act with reasonable care and common sense and to render the first aid to the best of your ability. Where further medical treatment is required, the decision as to when, where and by whom further treatment is to be given should be left to the parents/ caregivers.

Have a list of emergency telephone numbers. This will be provided by the coordinator but if not make sure that you have the following information and telephone numbers.

  • Nearest telephone;
  • Nearest doctor's name and telephone number;
  • Ambulance;
  • Hospital;
  • Fire station;
  • Police;
  • Emergency Rescue Service;
  • Participant's Parents/ caregivers contact information; and
  • Participant's medical history and medication information.